Bobby Q's Real Deal Barbeque Buffet (Choose two, three, or four meat options)

Two Meats - $19.99 per person

Three Meats - $22.99 per person

Four Meats - $24.99 per person

St. Louis Pork Ribs
Pulled Pork
Beef Brisket
Texas Style Pork Sausage
Sliced All White Meat Turkey
Pulled Chicken
BBQ Chicken (on the bone)
Beef Burnt Ends
Pork Burnt Ends
Choice of 2 Sides
Kaiser Rolls and/or Corn Bread

Add $1.00 per person for Baby Back Ribs as a substitute
Add $3.00 per person for each additional side

Bobby Q's Tasty Crowd Pleaser

$24.99/per person
House Salad (Choice of Dressing)
Baby Back Ribs
Pulled Pork
BBQ Chicken (on the bone)
Choice of 2 Sides
Kaiser Rolls and/or Corn Bread

Add $3.00 per person for each additional side

Bobby Q's Tailgater

(Serves approximately 25 people) $275 per package
5 Slabs of Baby Back Ribs
5 Pounds of Pulled Pork
40 Slider Rolls
3 Quarts of your Favorite Sides

Party Package Sides

Mac and Cheese
Sweet and Smokey Pit Beans
Mashed Potatoes
Grilled Veggies
Homemade Applesauce
Red Potato Salad
Rice & Beans
Pasta Island

Mobile Smoker/Pitmaster Available For the Ultimate BBQ Party!

Bobby Q's Grillin' and Chillin' picnic

$26.99/per person
Minimum 50 People and on-site
(Bobby Q's staff required - additonal charge)
Baby Back Ribs
BBQ Chicken (any style)
Hot Dogs
Choice of 2 Sides
Corn Bread

Add $8.00 per person to include Grilled NY Strip or Grilled Shrimp
Add $3.00 per person for each additional side


Bobby Q's BBQ Sandwich Spectacular (Any Combo)

$11.99/per person
Pulled Pork (Any Style)
Beef Brisket
Sliced Turkey
Pulled Chicken
Choice of Side

Level of service

Customer Pick-up - No charge. Food will be packed for easy transport

Delivery and Set-up - Minimal charges depending on location + gratuity

Full Service - Available for parties with 50 or more guests Servers $30.00 per hour*
Bartenders $35.00 per hour*
Grill/Chef $50.00 per hour*
Mobile Smoker/Pitmaster $75.00 per hour*


Customers are responsible for own rentals. We are happy to assist with logistical suggestions and rental company recommendations.

*+ 20 % gratuity (4 hour minimum) Children's pricing also available. All Prices and Menu Packages Subject to Change.


Disposable Chaffing Dishes, Wires & Sternos-$9.99 per set (Includes Serving Utensils)

Plates, Cutlery, Napkins- $2.00 per set